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If you’re ready to dive into an in-depth discussion of all things content marketing, then this 3-week podcast series featuring my good friend, Amanda Warfield is for you! I know content marketing is something that many small business owners struggle with, but Amanda is here with some of the best advice about simplifying the creation […]

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36: 3 Tips for Simplifying Your Content Creation in Order to be Able to Stay Consistent with Amanda Warfield

Today I am so excited to introduce you to my good friend Angela Tan of The Systems RX. She is the QUEEN of funnel tech and automated workflow strategy. We will be talking all about how to create a “hands-off hospitality” approach in your automations as well as the 5D Formula for each stage of […]

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35: How to Have Hands-Off Hospitality that Is Automated featuring Angela Tan of SystemsRX (The Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast)

As you may know, Dubsado is an incredible CRM that saves time and energy for photographers and business owners alike, but occasionally, it is necessary to connect Dubsado to external software to enhance the rest of your workflow. That’s where a program like Zapier comes in to act like a bridge between Dubsado and another […]

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34: Zapier and Dubsado: A Match Made In Heaven (The Systems And Workflow Magic Podcast)

Welcome back to another episode of The Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast! I am so excited for today’s episode because I finally get to share a project with you that I have been working on for the past year or so. If you have been following along for the past six weeks or show, you’ll […]

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33: Introducing The Dubsado Toolkit for Family Photographers (The Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast)

As part of our current Dubsado series, each week we are taking a look at how you can make better use of the CRM to improve the systems in your business. Today our special guest is the one and only Abby Martinez, owner of Abby Martinez & Co, an OBM and VA agency. Abby is […]

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32: How to Use ClickUp and Dubsado Together (with Abby Martinez) (The Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast)

Are you curious about using your CRM to improve your client experience? This will make such a difference for you and your business. As a Dubsado expert and family/branding photographer, I can say with absolute certainty that a positive client experience is the key to achieving success in your business. Let’s talk about all the […]

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31: Why Your Client Experience Is Holding You Back (The Systems & Workflow Magic Podcast)

In this episode, we’re continuing the conversation about all things Dubsado. As a Dubsado expert and family/branding photographer, one of the most common questions I receive is about the difference between a DIY Dubsado set up versus a Done For You set up. Taking the time to understand the difference and decide which option is […]

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30: DIY vs DFY Dubsado Set Up (The Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast)

If you’ve been reading the blog for the last few weeks, then you know we’re talking about all things Dubsado right now! As a family photographer here in Nashville, I know how important it is to have a workflow for your business – and then to automate that workflow so that you have more time […]

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New Blog Post DIY versus DFY Dubsado services

DIY or DFY Dubsado Set Up: Which Is Best For You? (Dubsado Education)

Today we are continuing the conversation about utilizing Dubsado in your creative business. In this episode, I’m sharing with you some baby steps that you can take to start automating your workflows. As a Dubsado expert and family/branding photographer, I have seen the power in automating your business, and how it will save you so […]

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29: How Not To Lose The Personal Touch When Automating Your Business (The Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast)

It’s time to dive into a rather controversial debate… Honeybook vs. Dubsado. Joining me in this conversation is my friend Caitlyn Gray of Systems and Strategy! Caitlyn works with female-owned businesses to fail-proof their business strategy and set up their tech so that everything runs with ease. She is also both a Honeybook and Dubsado […]

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28: Honeybook vs. Dubsado – Which Is the Best Fit for Your Creative Business? (with Caitlyn Gray