52: The Legal Systems and Workflows You Need To Impact Your Business with Paige Griffith of The Legal Paige (The Systems & Workflow Magic Podcast)

Is your website complete with all the things, including a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions? Maybe you know these legal pages hold some kind of value, but hey, who looks at those tiny links at the bottom of your website anyway? If you are ready to protect all the hours and money you have put into your website and digital products, this episode is for you! In this episode, Paige Griffith, the lead attorney behind The Legal Paige, and I are giving you a crash course on all the legal contracts and pages you need to become legally legit and protect your website and business.

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Meet Paige of The Legal Paige

Paige is the founder and lead attorney behind The Legal Paige, a virtual law firm that helps small businesses get legally legit. She is a certified Juris Doctor barred in Montana and holds a double B.A. in Economics and Political Science. After working as a federal law clerk, Paige traded in the traditional law life for a virtual one and opened the doors to The Legal Paige in 2018. She helps small business owners run legal and protected businesses and counsel them on contracts, intellectual property, privacy, and business law issues. Her mission is to create an online space where the law isn’t so scary, and entrepreneurs can get legally legit in no time. Law aside, Paige is just a small-town Montana mom who loves her family, travel, her dog, Sugar, and a good glass of red wine.

Review the Show Notes

Introducing Paige Griffith (3:31)

Terms and Conditions on your website (8:17)

The horrors of not utilizing Terms and Conditions (11:51)

Defining a Privacy Policy (14:18)

Knowing where to put your legal agreements (20:15)

Creating a Cookie Pop-Up (21:00)

Becoming more legally legit with a system of contracts (23:30)

Action steps you can take right now (28:55)

Working with and getting to know Paige (31:25)

Links Mentioned

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(Intro): Welcome to the Systems and Workflow Magic podcast where I help entrepreneurs go from scattered to streamlined in their creative businesses. I’m your host, Dolly DeLong, a wife, a mom, and a photographer turned systems educator. Join me every week as we have conversations centered around creating tactical workflows, and automation in your business. Now, let’s make some strategic workflow magic.

Hello, and welcome back to another episode of the systems and workflow magic podcast. I am your systems and workflow BFF Dolly DeLong. And I am so pumped to share with you that we are in the very last episode of our series, how to automate and streamline the back end of your business, for your opt-ins for your offers or even for your bundles. And I cannot believe how fast these episodes have gone by. And I’ve been getting such great feedback about how helpful they are. And I just want to thank you all for tuning in and for sending me messages and letting me know how helpful each episode has been for your business. That’s awesome. So since you all know I like to go big or go home and this series, I wanted to end this series featuring another amazing business owner who I have loved following through the years and I have learned so much from her because of her education. And I have been able to apply so much of the legal side to my business like legal systems. This is because of Paige Griffith of the Legal Paige. All right, so she is here today and I’m so excited for her to share more of the legal side of how to set up systems and workflows legally for your creative business.

But before we begin, I do want to share her official bio. So Paige is the founder of The Legal Paige a legal educational platform for small businesses. She is a certified Juris Doctor sorry, totally butchered that, and holds a BA in economics and political science. After working as a federal law clerk Paige traded in the traditional law life for a virtual one and opened the doors to the legal page in 2018. Her contract shop podcast, YouTube channel, and blog teach entrepreneurs how to get legally legit in no time without breaking into hives. So a lot of side paint is a Montana mom who will loves hiking, lake time, and red wine. And Paige. I just want to say welcome. Thank you so much for being on the podcast!

Paige Griffith
Oh my gosh, thank you so much for having me. I’m excited to be here.

Dolly Delong
Wow. I just want to say a shout-out to Paige for living in Montana. That’s my home state and that’s another reason why I have always adored page so much that Montana connection!

Paige Griffith
yeah, we’ve had it since the very beginning born and raised here love Montana so so so much. So just know you guys are not like a California who converted to a Montana and I have been here for a while and so as my family so I’m excited to be in the 406 state!

Dolly Delong
I love that so much. Another fun, just like the fact about Paige! So again, the reason why I wanted to invite Paige to the systems and workflow podcast is that she is a legit attorney specifically an attorney who educates other creatives. So why not have an actual expert who can help point you in the right direction of how to get started with the systems you should be building out when it comes to you know that legal stuff, the scary stuff, sometimes we refuse to acknowledge as creatives and point two in the series, I’ve been talking a lot about the importance of having a terms and conditions and a privacy policy for your business, especially as a puzzle piece on the footer of your website and or landing pages as you put together the back end of your opt-ins or offers or services. And if you’re a part of a bundle, there has to be some sort of terms and conditions for each of those puzzle pieces. And so instead of me going on and on about like what I have gleaned from my YouTube education and online education about legal stuff because you all know, that is not my background, I wanted to speak to a real expert. So you guys are in for a treat learning from Paige. And she, as always has so much wisdom to share. And at the very end of this podcast, we’re going to be sharing a lot of resources with you. She has her podcast too. So I would say subscribe to her podcast, we’ll have that in the show notes. That way you can further your education alongside Paige. So Paige, do you mind peeling back the curtain, even more, we’re gonna talk a lot about terms and conditions, privacy policy, all that fun stuff, but I’m probably butchering every term I’m using. So let’s start with the terms and conditions page. Like what does that mean for one’s website and one’s creative business?

Paige Griffith
So Dolly, thanks for pointing that out. You guys, I am giving you a crash course today on this topic. So just know if you need a little bit more information and in-depth kind of education and knowledge surrounding Terms and Conditions and Privacy policies and where to place them and what to have in them. And all of those different things you can head over like dolly said to the Legal Paige podcast on your favorite listening platform. But to talk about what T&C means for your website in your business. The main thing is all about how and why. How are users using your website? And what are your business policies surrounding the most essentials? On your website, copy, i.e. text and photograph copyrights. So what happens with plagiarism? What happens if someone steals your content in total? What happens if there is an entire copy of your website design? Those types of things need to be in terms and conditions. The one thing I always like to tell people though, Dolly that most entrepreneurs don’t understand they’re like, oh, okay, Dolly and Paige are telling me I need to put t and C’s and a privacy policy on the bottom footer of my website, T and C’s terms and conditions just I’m going to call that in, you know, abbreviated format for the rest of this episode. T&Cs aren’t mandated by law. They’re just incredibly important to have. And it’s super necessary for anyone who sells things on their website. And then in terms of really like the nitty gritty surrounding Terms and Conditions. It’s a pretty boilerplate. So I always, always, always suggest that people just get a good template T&C document from a virtual attorney. I sell them in the Legal Paige shop. Other virtual attorneys sell them in their contract shops online. If you have a lawyer that you work with, then that represents you. They have draft TNCs for your website as well. It is about how the US can utilize your website and scroll around, but they can’t take anything from your website. Of course, as I said, when you’re selling things on your website, so not service-based businesses, like if you’re a creative who is a service provider, of course, you’re going to send an initial client contract that’s different from your website, T&Cs. But if you’re someone who is a creative that’s starting to sell digital templates on your website, or things along those lines, you’re going to have additional things in your T&C surrounding your refund policy. If you’re shipping, anything exchange policy, customer service, inquiries, and so on. So that is going to broaden the scope of your T&C is behind just general boilerplate language about how to use the website and what you can’t steal on the website.

Dolly Delong
Wow, that’s such a good explanation. This whole time, I thought it was mandated. But like, in my mind, I thought this was a requirement. I have to do this. But I don’t know why I have to do this.

Paige Griffith
Yeah, there’s no law that’s like, oh, my gosh, you have to do that. There’s no federal law across the board. But legally, every single attorney is going to be like, protect what you’ve worked so hard to create, for your tech the website, get a T&C,

Dolly Delong
mostly about putting that added layer of protection.

Paige Griffith
100% I think it’s also just, it’s a good way to point any type of abuse or infringement that someone could do to you point them back to okay, this is what my terms and conditions say when you were utilizing my website instead of trying to make it up on your own.

Dolly Delong
Okay, can I put you on the spot? You’re probably like, Dolly can’t believe you’re putting me on the spot? Can you give us a worst, or something horrible? Have you heard of a worst-case scenario story about somebody who did not utilize the T&C?

Paige Griffith
Yeah, I had a client through my law firm Griffith Law, basically, like three or four months ago, reach out to me and say that she had her entire website plagiarized with all of the copy on it. And she hired a copywriter to do it for her. So obviously, the copywriter was a work/contractor made for hire, which means that their intellectual property was transferred to the company that she was working for. But just think if you’ve spent 1000s and 1000s of dollars, not only on your website design, but on hiring a copywriter, and then probably getting branding photos. If something is stolen, that’s immediate copyright infringement on the text on your website. And they didn’t have terms and conditions at the bottom. So there was no, like, what happens? Do I have legal rights here, it’s the notice was there notice to this consumer that they weren’t able to do that, of course, you have common law rights, but I’m not going to get into that here on the episode on like what you can and cannot do in terms of abuse or infringement. But if you have an easy document to point back to okay, as a user on my website, you breached X clause in my terms and conditions, then we’re not only under copyright infringement, we’re under breach of contract as well. So again, this added a layer of protection, an additional argument for you should an illegal dispute pop up.

Dolly Delong
Wow, that’s scary that happened!!!!

Paige Griffith
it happens, it happens every day. And again, we just need to realize that the World Wide Web is there, and people are going to take the easy road like they’re always going to take the easy way out, you have to know that those types of people exist. And so you just need to, you know, do your due diligence as a business owner and be prepared for those situations, because it’s not like if it’s going to happen, it’s when it’s going to happen.

Dolly Delong
That’s true. That’s true that I like the way that you frame that statement. That’s when it’s gonna happen to protect yourself. Okay, so we talked about terms and conditions, what that means, and why it’s important. It’s incredible to have, especially to protect your business, protect your website, protect your copy, protect, just explain to others if you sell digital products or digital services or services in general, just like explaining the concept of that. So let’s merge into the privacy policy because I talk a lot about Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, but at a very basic level, I just tell everyone, you should get one. It’s important. So what does privacy policy mean?

Paige Griffith
Yeah, a privacy policy is how you are protecting people’s personal information and keeping it private. So the one thing that’s different than T&Cs while there is not a specific federal law that mandates you have a privacy policy on your website, such as the European Union’s GDPR law that came into effect a few years ago, that we all know we’re like, oh crap, an app like mandating privacy policies. That’s what that law does. There’s no federal law across the board for all 50 states that are saying, you have to have a privacy policy. But some federal laws apply. In certain situations like the Children’s Online Privacy Policy Protection roll COPPA, you’ve probably heard of it before. And then California’s version of the California Online Privacy Protection Act. And then states are following suit from California. If you don’t know this, California, always enacts privacy policy laws, first privacy protections. California is the hub they started. It’s like a big deal in their state Congress. And then states are like, okay, California is doing this, I should do this to protect consumers in our state. So for example, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah, Virginia, and other states have enacted similar consumer protection, and privacy laws surrounding the data that you are giving people whether involuntary or voluntarily giving it to people, when you land on their website, with cookies attached to you voluntarily giving, like your name and email when you sign up for something, all to say, I always, just to put it plainly for you all I know, I just spewed a bunch of laws at you. privacy policies are mandated, I can’t imagine a world in which it’s like 99.9%, likely that you have someone landing on your website from either the EU or at least one of the states that I have just enunciated. And like I said, there are more states to follow suit. So who’s to say, of course, we are kind of in an election year? Well, we’re always in an election year, depending on the state that you’re in. But we’re in a big election year, right now, and that’ll happen, you know, in November 2022. By January 2023, we’re going to be getting new laws in state Congress so more states are likely to follow suit here on protecting consumer data. Thus, it’s required to have a privacy policy in the simplest form possible website terms and conditions, really, legally optimal for you to have on your website to protect yourself, and with all the hard work that you put into your website, privacy policies mandated to have on your website. So privacy policies are also very boilerplate Dolly. So again, don’t try to write these on your own, just go get a template version, essentially a privacy policy in a nutshell. And I would say privacy policy has more like legal mumbo jumbo in it that you need to have. So that’s why it’s not wise to write it yourself. It explains why you’re taking people’s data, how you’re taking it, and then how you’re using it. Many of you know if you’re into systems and workflows, how cookies work, and all kinds of IP addresses. And nowadays, your privacy protection is slim. Unless you do things to protect your data from getting out there. So many people don’t have lots of cookie blockers on all of their devices, and all of you know the browsers that they use. So for the most part, you are giving away your data every single time you’re online. And if that’s the case, then these companies need to explain to you how they’re acquiring your data, probably from cookies and your IP address, and how you can kind of get that personal data back. And also unsubscribing is the easiest way to put it. So any time that you are requesting people’s name and address if you have a freebie right or a lead magnet, you know, same, they’re used interchangeably if you’re trying to acquire people’s personal information voluntarily on your website as well. Always have a privacy policy in the bottom footer of your website.

Dolly Delong
Yes, that is exactly what you guys can remember for the past several weeks, I have been hitting that point every single week. Just make sure you have some sort of privacy policy to let your new subscribers know like hey like I now have your email address. This is what I intend to do with it. And that will all be outlined in the privacy policy and pages right like go and find a virtual attorney like page for example, who has this outlined in hot literally all you need to do is copy and paste but I put this in my website all right website and you just tweak it and she lets you know what sections to tweak. So it’s very easy to use and it takes about it took me about 30 minutes to honestly tweak it now it’s live on my website and I feel a little bit calmer & safe. Paige knows me. I’m like that business owner who is scared of everything, every message I send her she’s like, Oh my gosh, Dolly, you’re gonna be okay. But I feel just like that extra layer of relief now, because I have that setup on my website.

Paige Griffith
Good. I’m so happy for you. Yeah, you guys, it’s a simple copy and paste, you just kind of fill in your personal business information. But otherwise, it’s very step-by-step boilerplate language in a privacy policy and a website’s terms and conditions. And then I’m sure Dolly has told you this, but just make sure those are separate pages on your website and in your footer, because you’re going to link to them differently, right, you’re going to link to your privacy policy, when you have a pop up for somebody to download a freebie that they agree to your privacy policy. And that you will be using their email for marketing communications from your business. And they agree to that. But your website terms and conditions are usually what you’re going to link to like at a digital asset checkout.

Dolly Delong
exactly correct. And can I ask you another question that I know, I didn’t ask you when we were writing out the notes and talking a little bit earlier? But you had mentioned the cookie policy earlier, butchering the term using cookies or using your data with cookies. Again, Paige butchering the phrase, is there something like that for new creative business owners or even intermediate creative business owners to go to insert that into their website? Or is that a part of your contract shop?

Paige Griffith
Well, that’s going to depend on your website hosting platform on how you’re going to create that popup, I can’t tell you how to create it. But it’s back to does the law in X state or X country that you do the majority of your business applies to you. So if you’re in California, you’re a California-based business owner, and the majority of your customers are from California and clients, then you probably need a cookie pop-up because they have very strict privacy protection laws in place that apply to your business. If you’re in the European Union, or a very significant chunk of your customer base comes from the EU, then you’re going to need that cookie pop-up. That’s why you see it on some people’s websites and not on others because some states don’t have that regulation in place on business owners on their websites. So again, just know what the laws are in your region and your state and or like where your customer base is at for you to have the mandate upon you to have that pop up on that bottom footer. Because yeah, we all see it. And then we all either click Accept or exit.

Dolly Delong
I’ve been wondering about that. I’ve been seeing it more and more. Are you a show-it user?

Paige Griffith
I’m not I’m entirely on Shopify. So we do have the cookie pop-up because we have users from all over the US and the world.

Dolly Delong
that’s good to know. So if you are listening in and you’re like, What are you guys talking about? I’ll try to find an article or link, do you offer any resources or blog posts about that?

Paige Griffith
specific? Yeah, of course, yep. You can search for it at thelegalpaige.com and we offer additional resources on this topic.

Dolly Delong
That’s perfect. Cuz that’s something that just like no pun intended, like popped up in my head, and I thought, Okay, I’m just gonna ask Paige about this, because that I know, I’ve got jokes. I’ve got mom jokes for days. Okay, that’s good to know. I will link that in the resources of this episode. Okay. So while we’re talking about privacy policy, in terms of conditions, can you chat about contracts? So how can a business owner start incorporating a system of contracts into their business? I think that is super essential.

Paige Griffith
Yeah, I love this question. Because the biggest misnomer I see with entrepreneurs and you know, solopreneurs, in particular, people who are running their own business wearing all the hats, is they mainly just think they need their employment contract, right one and done. Like, I’m fully protected with my client contract, also known as a master service agreement, MSA, and legal terms, you’ve probably heard that too. Of course, you do. Right? Like, if you’re servicing your clients, you’re not going to be taking hundreds or $1000s of dollars from them without having a contract in place, I would never recommend it. It’s the worst thing you could do. As a business owner, I can foresee probably 50 to 100 issues popping up over the next year of your business if you don’t have a contract in place with your clients. So step one, get a client contract. But step two is always to get website T&C isn’t a privacy policy on the bottom footer of your website. So I’m glad we’re talking about that. If you guys have both of those covered. I’m so proud of you. You’re like 30 to 40% of the way toward being legally legit, which is a big step from zero. I’m just saying but I always tell people you’re never going to be 100% legally legit. Like you’re probably never even going to be 95% legally legit. Most businesses like Think Big, big businesses, right? They’re getting sued all the time. So you’re not 100% legally legit, you’re gonna get sued if you’re a business owner, that you know the scale. But for small business owners, your legal liability and risk are much smaller, but you’re always trying to inch your way towards 70-80 %. Legally Legit. So when Dolly asked me this question, I’m like, this is perfect, I want you guys to go from 30 to 40%. Legally legit, to like 50 or 60. By the end of this episode, get your T&Cs and Privacy Policy, then go find general contract addendums, and amendments as well as a cancellation template. Because those you want in your legal toolkit to use again and again and again. And I promise you, you’re going to need them at some point, instead of just emailing back and forth with your clients have all parties to the contract sign an official one-pager contract addendum when you’re adding something to their package, right? Or if you’re amending their contract in some way, everybody needs to sign a contract amendment. Finally, I tell people independent contractor agreements, are the last little thing that you need to do to incorporate a system of contracts into your business, you’re going to hire an outsource at some point in your business journey, whether that’s you personally as the business owner, hiring the independent contractors, or whether it’s the independent contractors are sending you a contract, if you have your independent contractor agreement, though, you will know the system that’s in place, so to speak on what clauses you need to see in the contract that they are sending to you and how to protect your business. So again, just quickly, client contract TNCs and Privacy Policy, I just call those websites, legal docs, and then your suite of contracted denim contract amendments and a cancellation template. And then finally, an independent contractor agreement.

Dolly Delong
I love that so much. And I want to be completely transparent with all my listeners, I even send contracts to projects that I do for free or as an exchange of services. Yeah, because I am a firm believer in well, one setting up expectations from the get-go and treating this exchange of service or a friend like a client, I’m going to treat them the same as I would a client and I want them to know like, these are my expectations of you. And I don’t want anybody to get taken advantage of or it gets really weird and icky. When there are no terms and conditions or No, what’s it called? What’s the word, I’m looking for boundaries, I feel like contracts are a good set of boundaries to have. And if that makes you feel icky and yucky, well, then I don’t think contracts are icky and yucky. I think they’re in place to protect you and then also to protect the people you’re serving. And so it’s a two-way relationship. So that’s how I look at it if that’s like another way to look at it.

Paige Griffith
Absolutely. I couldn’t have said it better Dolly.

Dolly Delong
I’m just again, I am very much of an avid rule follower. And I’m like, we’re gonna do this. And I’m sure people are like, wow, like you’re very intense, and I’ve always been pretty intense with like, we’re gonna follow the rules together. And I’m sure if you were like, You need to calm down Dolly. But this has been very beneficial for my small business. As many of you know, I’m a photographer, I started as a family photographer, and I have incorporated these systems into my business early on. And it’s been very, very helpful for me, and I’ve very rarely had, like, you know, quote, unquote, the difficult client that came back fighting because like, I’ve set these systems in place early on, and I am just so appreciative of attorneys, like Paige who have helped educate me along the way. So anyways, Paige, this kind of leads into my next question, will you just like tease out some juicy details because I know that you have a huge shop sale happening currently right now? And this episode drops. And I know if somebody like me with my personality were listening. I’d be like, I’m scared. What actions do I need to take Paige to tell me all the things that I need to do right now?

Paige Griffith
Yeah, so this list of contracts that Dolly and I just talked about, ‘ll be in the show notes. I know Dolly will put them in there. And we will link to all of them at the legal page.com We have all of these templates for you. It’s literally like pressing the easy button this week. Because our entire shop is 40% off Black Friday week 2022 for eight days 40% off our entire shop. So now would be the time they’re the best deals of the year. Everyone kind of goes crazy all small business owners when we have sales, and we only do them twice a year so now would be the time also just know that any legal documents and professional fees that you expend on your business each year are 100% deductible. So really good business deduction as well to take before the end of the year. If you’re missing any of those contracts in the suite, especially T&Cs, and a privacy policy, those two documents are bundled together at the Legal Paige. So you can find those as well. And then I just want to give a disclaimer, because I’m sure dolly is going to have this episode running after our sale. If you missed our Black Friday sale and you’re listening to this episode, now, just know that we have a couple of other sales that happen at about, you know, every six months or so I’m not going to give you the full dates because they change all the time. But if you want to be the first to know about our next sale, we don’t retroactively apply discounts at all, but another sale will come up. So just go to TLPinsider.com. So you can be on the inside scoop and be the first to know when our next sale will happen.

Dolly Delong
That’s awesome. Yeah, and I would say get on Paige’s newsletter, and she also sends out weekly if not bi-weekly, newsletters that help you in different aspects of your business and things that I never would have thought of, to think through as a creative business center. So she has a lot if you want to learn even more aspects and facets of legalities for your creative business, please join her community. And I want to ask you, Paige, now that people have been introduced to you and them, let’s say they want to work with you or get plugged into your community. What are some good next steps to get to know you?

Paige Griffith
Yeah, so if you guys have any legal questions, I always, always, always point you to the legal page, Facebook community. It’s a private community for entrepreneurs, we have 1000s of business owners in there. I think we’re getting close to you know, eight to 10,000 people in there. Yeah, it’s growing on a daily all the time. And I am a lawyer so I can’t answer your one-on-one questions unless I am hired to represent you, which probably isn’t going to happen because I am not licensed to do so in your state. But in a group environment, and my legal team, I have legal associates on the legal page, we monitor the Facebook community. So that’s the place to ask your question. It’s in a group environment that attorney-client privilege doesn’t attach I don’t have to worry about legal ethics and responsibilities in a group setting. So go ask your Q&A there instead of my DMs. But as dolly said, you can go to TLP insider.com to get on the inside scoop for newsletters and our upcoming sales. If you missed this one, hopefully, you’re listening to it the week after the sale though, and you can snag your deals this week. Again, the biggest discounts of the year. And then also, I’m on Instagram, and you can find me on the legal page. I am also on Tik Tok. So if you just like watching some funny play on legal stuff as entrepreneurs, I love doing rails and tech talks. They’re super fun. And then as Dolly mentioned, just to wrap this up at the beginning of the episode, she said I had a podcast if you guys want more information and listening is kind of your preferred form of gaining knowledge and education. As a business owner, you can go to the legal page podcast on your favorite listening platform.

Dolly Delong
Yes, and you all I highly, recommend you subscribe to Paige’s podcast, I’ve learned so much on my many drives to and from the school pickup line for Blaise. And I’m sure Blaise has learned a lot too. He’s like little, I don’t know an attorney in the making, I don’t know or I love it for cage fighter in the making. Who knows, I always joke around about that. It’s gonna be very drastic, whatever he chooses. But you all will glean so much wisdom and information from Paige. I also want to insert this I am an affiliate of the Legal Paige. I am a very proud affiliate. And I love representing them. And so if you go in the show notes, there’s an extra code this week only to use my code DOLLYD10 and you can use it on top of the 40% off. So that is just an extra incentive for you. And I’m even going to use it because there is a new contract I want for my business. So I’m excited about using that. So Paige, I just want to say thank you so much again for being a guest and for sharing and for pretty much giving us a masterclass this is something that a lot of creative business owners need to sit down and dive into this system and workflow for the legal side of their business. So I hope everybody who’s listening carves out time this week or over the holidays to get your business more legally legit, like Paige said, so, Paige, thank you so much. And I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week with your little family and everybody else. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving week with your friends and loved ones and I will talk to you all next week. Next week is a very special episode because we are celebrating one year of the Systems and Workflow Magic podcast can’t believe it. And I again, wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving and I will talk to you all later. Bye. Thank you so much for listening to the systems and workflow magic podcast. You can find full show notes from today’s episode at dolly DeLong photography.com forward slash podcast. If you love the podcast, I’d be so honored if you’d subscribe and leave a review on your favorite podcast player. Be sure to screenshot this episode, share it with your stories, and tag me at dollydelongeducation over on Instagram until next time, go make some strategic workflow magic

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