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19: A Recap of The Systems and Workflow Magic Bundle: How I Grew My Email List by 4,000 Subscribers in 5 Days!

While I’ve been sharing some really tactical episodes about list building over the last few weeks, it’s time to share one of my most successful strategies in which I increased my email list by 4,000 subscribers in just 5 days. In this final episode of the lead magnet series, I am recapping my experience with putting together the 2022 Systems and Workflow Magic Bundle, where I pulled together talented entrepreneurs to share educational offerings for free!

The Systems and Workflow Magic Podcast is brought to you by Dolly DeLong Education. This is a podcast for creative business owners who want to learn tangible steps to automate their business through workflows, systems, tools, and strategy in order to go from scattered to streamlined with purpose. Because even muggles can become automated wizards.

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Review the Show Notes:

What is the Systems and Workflow Magic Bundle (3:38)

How I Created the Bundle (5:42)

What Went Well with the 2022 Systems and Workflow Magic Bundle (11:05)

What Will I Do Differently for the Next Bundle? (18:14)

Looking Ahead to the 2023 Systems and Workflow Magic Bundle (26:25)

Thoughts from Contributors (27:40)

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Systems & Workflow Magic Bundle

Kate Doster

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Review the Transcript:

Dolly DeLong
Welcome to the systems and workflow magic podcast where I help entrepreneurs go from scattered to streamlined in their creative businesses. I’m your host, Dolly DeLong, a wife, a mom, and a photographer turned systems educator. Join me every week as we have conversations centered around creating tactical workflows, and automation in your business. Now, let’s make some strategic workflow magic. Hello, and welcome back to the systems in workflow magic Podcast.

Dolly DeLong
I’m so happy you have decided to join me again this week. As always, I am so honored to get to share some systems and workflow magic tips with you. If you are joining me live this week, I am wrapping up my lead magnet series I know feels like it’s been going on forever. But I have been so excited about sharing everything I know about lead magnets, and I hope it’s been an encouragement to you just to get motivated to grow your own email list. In today’s episode, I wanted to share one of the most successful ways I have ever grown my own email list and it was through a bundle. Now, that’s not a traditional lead magnet in my mind, but it is a creative way to grow once even list in this form of list building literally grew my email list by over 4000 new subscribers in five days alone.

Dolly DeLong
So I’ll say that again, I grew my email list to over 4000 new subscribers in five days alone. Now, you might be like what the heck Dolly, that’s awesome. Or you may not be that impressed. But for me, growing my list by over 150% in under one week made me want to do an episode so that I could peel back the curtain to show you and other creative business owners just a creative way to look at list building for your own creative business. So the bundle I am referring to is the systems and workflow magic bundle. Not to be confused with the systems and workflow magic podcast. But I ran this bundle from January 24 through January 28 of 2022. So earlier this year, and now that the systems and workflow magic bundle has officially closed out for the year, I thought it would be great to do a recap of how everything went with my first bundle. Because this whole project was a dream come true. Like it surpassed everything I was expecting. And I’m so happy with how everything went. And before I go too far, I do want to say thank you, thank you to every contributor who offered their products.

Dolly DeLong
Thank you to my incredible audience for being so excited and supportive of this bundle. Thank you to every business owner who downloaded the bundle products and connected you took the extra step to connect with the contributors. This entire project was just amazing. And I’m so happy with the results. As I said, I want to share a recap in this episode so that you can see exactly what went into planning this bundle, but also to show other business owners that something similar is 100% possible for you too. All right, so let’s diamond. As a reminder, the systems and workflow magic bundle was a collection of exclusive and free resources focused on creating systems in one’s creative business. So this bundle had over 20 contributors and everyone gave away a product towards the bundle for free. So everyone who downloaded had the chance to grab the products that were included in the bundle for free for one week, then they were gone. contributors were able to provide this content to our audience in exchange for their emails. Therefore, that’s how all the contributors built out their email lists. This is a common strategy among educators and a great way to also grab up specific education components that you need as a student.

Dolly DeLong
So for example, in the systems and workflow magic bundle, everybody who joined in as a subscriber automatically had access to systems and workflow education for free like over 20 different resources for free for that full week. And all of the contributors actually contributed something that was already on sale in their shop. So this wasn’t just some Like dinky old PDF, like checklists that you could just whip up for free in Canva. These are actually products that are being sold in each of these contributor shops. And their systems are workflow-related resources that could help other creative business owners better streamline and automate their business in some form or fashion. And so yeah, they were amazing, amazing resources, and it was worth over $2,000. So resources worth over $2,000. absolutely for free for one week only. So let me just break it down even more. So how did I even decide to create a bundle like this, like what got me started in this direction of list building, like a unique way to build out my email list. So I began working on this bundle in August of 2021. So I would say when this episode airs, it’s going to be well, over seven to eight months ago, I had already learned about the concept from somebody that I follow Kate Doster, of, and I will link her resources in the show notes. And she has a mini horse about this type of email list growth. She calls it collaboration, Kashan.

Dolly DeLong
So I purchased her mini-course, and like I followed it step by step. And the thing that she really stresses is that there should be a clear focus on the bundle. And so I began to determine what my bundle would be focused on. So that was step one. And it really was no surprise, before I go into step two, it really was no surprise that I chose systems of workflows, because I love systems and workflows. And I know that most creative business owners want more organization and strategy in their business. But they don’t know necessarily where to begin. So that’s where the idea for the bundle came to life. And then the following month, so around mid to late August, or early September is when I began to reach out to beginning educators to see who might want to contribute to this specific type of bundle. And honestly, if the responses overwhelmed me in the best way possible. So people assume that I’m always positive. And I think about rainbows and butterflies all the time. And I like to think that I am pretty positive. But there is a side of me that people are shocked by that I can be pretty negative about things. And I just went into this bundle creation process thinking, nobody is going to say yes to me, because I am such a small fish in a big pond. Like, I’m not saying this to put myself down, I try to be as realistic as possible with myself with my business. I know I have some amazing resources to contribute. I love systems. I love workflows. But I also know I’m not the only one on the stage. Okay. So I was fully expecting no one to contribute. And guess what I was shocked, I wound up with 20 amazing educators. And I’m so happy each of them agreed to join me as I was reaching out. I was also laying everything out like everything, organizing, streamlining everything. So for me, my project management tool of choice is Trello. You know, you have Asana, you have ClickUp. There’s But I use Trello as my project management tool. So I was putting everything within Trello and organizing everything for this bundle. So much like how I batch out content, I was also planning out every step along the way of this process.

Dolly DeLong
So this helped me to understand each step I needed to complete so that I wouldn’t get overwhelmed. And I knew exactly what I needed to share with the contributors at what time of the process, if that makes sense because I had it all laid out in Trello. Because again, I was learning from Kate Doster previously, and it was just very well laid out and organized for my systems mind. So when I began reaching out to contributors and contributors for saying yes, I was getting content from them because they had certain deadlines. I needed certain landing pages, I needed resources for those landing pages. So every time I got information from the contributors, I would spend a little time on the sales page on my end to put in their information. So instead of waiting until I had it all waiting until the very last minute, which you know, there are parts of me that like to wait until the last minute to do things. But with a bundle like this when it involves other people. I wanted to do it a little bit at a time to chip away at the block a little bit at a time. So I would take about 15 to 20 minutes during the workweek as I was getting contributor information in, and I would spend time on the sales page, or I would spend time on the Trello board, or I would spend time on the resources page instead of again, instead of waiting until I had it all, I did it all in chunks and pieces, which I think helped me tremendously stay on top of the workload because a few weeks before the bundle went live, my job was to test out all of the tech, and I’m so glad I did it like that because I did experience some technical issues due to some, just like landing pages not working from some contributors, which is totally fine. But because we tested it out early, I was able to communicate it like hey, fix this landing page or do this thing. Before the Mundell went live. It was a lot of work a little bit at a time. But it was totally worth it. And I’m so glad I did it like this.

Dolly DeLong
Okay, so that kind of leads me into my next topic about this. I want to chat about what went well with the 2022 systems and workflows. Magic bundle from I mentioned this earlier, but from the very beginning, one of the things that served me well was knowing my target audience. So everything I did was with creative business owners who want to understand how to set up systems and automation and workflows for their creative business. Like I had that in mind, I had that specific type of business owner in mind, knowing that from the start helped me map out the process in the client journey. Additionally, by knowing my target audience, first thing, I then strategically reached out to specific contributors, this made everything easier. Instead of just hoping the right people wanted to jump in, like I did not do like a random call to action on Instagram, or a Facebook business page or Facebook group, I would have gotten the weirdest contributors. If I had done that I was so intentional about who I reached out to, I wound up with some incredible contributors. And I truly believe the quality of them as people and as educators made this a huge success. So it just wasn’t me it was them because they had high-quality value that they were contributing to this bundle. One of the other things that helped was the sense of urgency, so I made sure to stay really on top of the deadline. So when I said that everything would turn off on January 28, at 11:30 pm Central Time, as I turned it off, then. So this helped keep the integrity of the bundle intact. That way, I wouldn’t have people signing up the next week and getting access to everybody’s resources that would normally be sold in their shop. So I wanted to have integrity, and honor everybody who was a part of the bundle. And so the whole point again, going back to urgency, I know that I communicated this in video format, and in the copy all over the resources pages that this bundle ends at a certain time on Friday, January 28.

Dolly DeLong
And I communicated that in the email sequences, I communicated that in video form, I communicated that all over social media. But I’m just trying to think of ways in which I could have communicated that even more because I had several musei subscribers who said that they didn’t have time to download everything and they wanted access longer. So even though there was a sense of urgency, that didn’t mean everybody was reading you know copy the terms, but I wanted to be completely honest with you. So another thing that went really well was just working on things slowly over time. I’m so glad I did not keep everything to the last minute because a lot of this bundling process collecting the resources collecting the landing pages, collecting everything I needed from the contributors took place over the holidays, and during the holidays like everybody needs to take a break as myself included. But I knew that I had a goal of making sure to have this bundle done by a certain date so I could test everything out just like the time of year of collecting things was unfortunate like it was smack dab in the middle of the holidays. But what went right was I had estimated that this was going to happen that that was going to happen so I would had slowly been working on everything over time. So I wasn’t panicking. near the deadline, and because everything, mostly all the puzzle pieces were in place. So another thing that went well, so the whole point of this bundle was to grow the email list for myself and my contributors, again, I was pleased to see my list grow from about 1000 people to over 4000 subscribers within the week.

Dolly DeLong
And so while a few did drop off, because everybody had those subscribers who just wanted the free resources, and then they quickly unsubscribed, that’s totally fine. But I’m still sitting at over I would say, between 3500 to 3600 subscribers right now. And this is close to my yearly goals. So at the beginning of 2022, I’d made a yearly goal for myself to get 4000 subscribers by the end of 2022. And by the end of January, I had hit that goal. So I’ll be resetting a new goal for myself, I’ve already set a new goal for myself, but hitting this goal for the year in one week, was huge for me. Additionally, there were other marks of success, like this is silly. But I had to upgrade Zapier, not once, not twice, but three times because of the number of downloads happening and the rate it was happening. I think it’s funny that I’m saying this is a positive thing. I could have viewed it as a negative thing. But I view it as positive because that means people were enjoying this bundle. People were consuming it and they wanted it fast. And I understand there was that urgency, but it was proving to me like this was a concept that people loved. And more people than expected were downloading it. Finally, the bundle was received. So well, I kept on getting DMS and Instagram and Facebook messages and emails, even reviews from people who were super pleased with the content.

Dolly DeLong
So many people were surprised it was free. Like I had people ask me, How much is this bundle? Like without even reading the copy or anything? They’d be like, this all sounds good. How much does it cost? Like I would say it’s free. You don’t have to pay anything for it, just download it and download the resources by this Friday. And it made them even more happier. So I had so many subscribers, just like send me a thank you message and let me know like this is exactly what I needed for my creative business. Thank you so much for answering this question. And then I got so many good, I guess reviews from the contributors because I kept wondering, well, if I’m having really a good outcome for myself, I wonder what my contributors are experiencing. And they also saw increases on their email list as well, some got sales because they had tripwire offers attached to these free resources. And they were making money. And I love that for them.

Dolly DeLong
So all in all, it turned out to be a really big success. And I’m so grateful. I’m so thankful I just took a chance on myself, even though I’m a small fish in a big hand. And I took the baby steps I needed to make the systems and workflow happen for this bundle. So let’s talk about what I would do differently for next year’s bundle. So Lord willing, I’m 100% planning on doing a 2023 bundle. So obviously keep your eye on that. I’ll talk a lot about that as the timing approaches. But I want you to know, I’m still planning on doing that. So while this year’s bundle was a huge success, here’s a few things I would probably change going into next year. Okay, so the first is that, I’ll start adjusting how I reach out to the contributors. So it’s more concise for them, and easier to review. So something that you need to know about me, I think this is both good and bad about me. I am very wordy. Okay. I’m long winded. When I’m excited about something, oh, I will add 20,000 exclamation points to the email. I will add a video then talking about what I just spoke about in the 10,000 paragraph essay I wrote, like, I want to make sure I’m clear. So for some people, they love that. And for other people, they’re like, can you just send me a bullet point list of what I need?

Dolly DeLong
And then that would be easy. So I want to like I want to honor the contributors who are like I just need a bullet point list. So what I’m thinking about doing is doing a hybrid of like creating videos so for the people who want like a deep explanation of what to expect. There’ll be videos of me explaining things they see my face and see my hand gestures and just like how excited I am about life and then for the contributors that just want to get to the point I’ll do a bullet point list with the option of watching the video. So I’m going to do that differently. And then I’m only going to keep it to just like one form of communication. And that will be through email. If the contributor is a good friend, if we’re friends on Instagram, we’re good friends, we’ve worked together, I might like, send them a DM or something. But I did have one or two contributors say, hey, Dolly, like, I don’t mind if you DM me, but do you mind emailing me because I don’t really check my Instagram as much. So I want to keep it very streamlined as much as possible and consider it as much as possible. I also think that there needs to be an expectation for contributors of like, what things are due. And when they are due, I suppose this was my first time, it was very like, oh, you can turn it in on this day, you can turn it on this date, which was fine with me. Because I had been working on things slowly over time.

Dolly DeLong
So it was easy for me to just quickly input their resources as I was getting it because I was putting this all together as puzzle, but I think I’m gonna have hard deadlines next time. And that way, if there are any, let’s say technical issues, I could fix them right off the bat, and not worry about fixing it like a few weeks before the bundle goes live. So I just want to give myself a little bit more time to review tech and fix any issues. I hope to round out the contributors more next year. So although I know I had some incredible contributors this year, I’d love to have more technical experts on particular programs like Zapier or Google Ads even, or even like Facebook ads and Pinterest, because I had a lot of different again, I believe I had a good round up. But there was just like some more things that were missing. And one of the things was that year. For me, even as a creed business owner, I use that year within my systems and workflow business. And I believe there’s a lot of power in that program, a lot of creative business owners are scared of it. And so I just want to have an easy consumable program about that. I’m just giving that as an example. Yeah, next year, just like finding more technical experts on different programs that could help more creative business owners. Another thing I might be doing differently. Again, I’m just thinking out loud here, I’m actually toying with the idea of creating the software into 890 $7 bundle. So again, all the resources will be worth most likely over two or $3,000. But the subscribers to the person who wants to purchase this bundle can get it for one set price of $97. And they will have over one year to download it.

Dolly DeLong
So it won’t be just a week, this time, it will be a full year to download these resources and these programs and all of the contributors will have their own unique affiliate link. So if somebody purchases it from their like, let’s say from their Instagram profile or from Facebook post or whatever, wherever they are just talking about the bundle, they’ll get a certain certain percentage of the sale because again, I’m only saying this because I had a lot of people reach out to me and say, this is worth a lot of money like Why aren’t you charging for this and part of me is like I just want to keep it for free for people who won’t necessarily like know where to begin but then again, after like doing this Yes, I hit like huge email subscriber goal for myself, but a lot of those subscribers I’m not gonna say a lot but a certain percentage of them like quickly unsubscribe from everyone because they just wanted the free thing. So it would be nice to have more of a warm lead who is excited about systems and workflow education and they will most likely stay subscribed for a long time. So that there is my thought process with that finally, I look forward to next year contributors who whoever they are. And I hope that the experience like this is a weird sentence but I hope that whoever I reach out to like will be good at communicating with me and will not ghost me Okay, so here let me explain this a little better. So all the contributors obviously who were on the bundle did not go sneak say we’re on the bundle alright. But I did have people that I reached out to I spoke with they said that they wanted to be in the bundle. Then they just ghosted me never heard back from them ever again. I was really surprised to find that people In this space would do that when they are also. I don’t know, there’s issues with, like creative business owners complaint, like in myself included, like being confused with why leads ghost us the Why would we go most other contributors?

Dolly DeLong
I don’t know other creative business owners Why would we do what we don’t like is done to us? I don’t understand that. So it was a little confusing. Well, it was really confusing to me because I, I tried to be as communicative as possible if I can or can not do something I let people know right away. But I, again, it was a very, very low percentage. And so I am just, I guess this is just like a reminder for us all as creative business owners, like if we don’t like to be ghosted, we should not go see other people. Like, it’s uncomfortable to say no to somebody. But it’s also it’s just rude. It’s just rude. And not, I don’t want to say it’s rude. It’s just because I don’t know the full context of things. But it’s just, I would say just like, learn to lean into communication skills, even in uncomfortableness. All right. I’ll leave it at that. Like, it’s good to communicate, even if you have to say now. All right. So that’s how I would look at the bundle differently for next year with that point. Okay, so let’s look ahead to 2023 for the systems and workflow magic bundle. All right. So again, I am planning to offer another bundle next January, whether it’s free or a paid bundle for up to $97. I love being able to provide these resources during the slower season for creative business owners who want to find joy, and strategy and systems and workflows. And I want them to actually dive in to get their systems going to better impact their year, I and again, I hope to have more resources for our audience next year. That will help them with things like SEO organization and programs like Zapier or Facebook, or Instagram ads, or even Pinterest. And I am just like, let me repeat myself, I’m still just blown away by how incredible this year’s bundle went. The growth we all saw as contributors was exponential. But that’s just the power of combining and sharing audiences with other creatives. So I’m so happy like I worked and contributed and collaborated alongside some power houses. It was amazing. But I do want to say, don’t take my word for it. So I’ve reached out to several contributors. And I’m wanting to get their honest feedback about what they thought about this bundle and how it impacted their own business. And so I have several clips to share with you from what they have to say.

Hi, my name is Ingrid in I’m the sole and owner behind payment designing I branded Web Design Studio for coaches and creatives varying their next level with a money making sure website, which is pretty tied to what I come to reviewed because I added my launching a shop on your show ID website with Shopify lite masterclass. I know it’s a mouthful, but it really allows you to just sit down and get your shop up and ready. In a single day. I had an amazing response. And it actually has been crafting updates and the resources for it. So not to mention the actual email is growth and the whole getting in front of new audiences was really amazing for me because I felt like my friends circle just grew. I truly enjoyed connecting with other contributors learning more about their businesses and their products. And then the DMS from people who had just signed up for the master class. Words of Affirmation are my love language, and it definitely is delivered. Let’s stay connected. You can find me on Instagram at Penguin designing.

Magan Ward
My name is Megan Ward and I am an email marketing expert who serves fellow entrepreneurs that want to build connection with their audience through their email list. For the systems and workflow magic bundle. I actually contributed two things, because well, I’m an overachiever. One product I included was list building solutions, a lead magnet mini course. It teaches you how to set yourself apart and build connectivity with your audience the moment that they hit the subscribe button. And it also includes details on how I grew my email list by 78% in one month, with a lead magnet that thought outside the box of the normal PDF lead magnets. In addition, this mini course provided ideas on finding lead magnets that your audience is craving. And like I said, because I’m an overachiever, I’m kidding. attributed to things to Dolly’s amazing bundle. I also included ConvertKit Academy, and mini course for all things ConvertKit so that you can learn to take control of your email marketing, and understand more complex automations and tagging. This bundle significantly grew my email list, not just in numbers, but with an amazing group of subscribers who are very engaged. They reply to my emails, and ask really good questions about what I’m teaching. It was Dali’s proactive attentiveness to our needs as contributors. That was a big reason why I love participating. And she has such a love for her audience, which is who this bundle was truly created for. And those things combined are what made this event a success for those receiving the bundle and those contributing to the bundle. If you would love to learn more about how email marketing can fit into your business or want to hear tips, tricks to better strategize your own email marketing. Come follow me on Instagram at the Megan Ward, or peruse the interwebs at Meghan And PS, I spell my name M A, G A N.

Jill Gum
Hello, my name is Jill gum, and my business name is Jill Gum photography. And I am a wedding and portrait photographer and also an educator for both moms who want to capture their kids in a beautiful meaningful way. And also business owners who want to build a photography business that provides and thrives. So my passion in photography is really rooted in weddings and then in following my clients kind of through their next few stages of life. But in education, it’s in helping moms figure out how to kind of pick which moments to keep pick which memories they’re going to keep by taking beautiful photos of their kids, a lot of them end up wanting to turn it into a business where they can really define success on their own terms by working from home and setting up a schedule that works for the family. That’s what I did in my business. I was a mother before I started my photography business. And I’ve just really enjoyed the way that it has been able to give to my family in in the way of my schedule and not working a traditional nine to five, I contributed a video resource to the bundle that was all about streamlining a system for outsourcing using Trello. Now, if you don’t outsource or you don’t use Trello, you might have no idea what that means. But basically, a few years ago, I began outsourcing some of the work in my business, the work that I didn’t have to be doing. And I found that it gave me so much freedom to grow my business and do more things that only I could do. And I absolutely love outsourcing, I truly believe it was a pivotal change in my business to allow me to add education, and have just a little more time and kind of free space in my business that wasn’t clogged up doing things I didn’t need to do. But it was really, really difficult to get everything organized in the beginning when you’re giving jobs to someone new. But also some of those jobs had parts that I did and parts that my virtual assistant did. And we just found really quickly that we needed to get very organized and to get really strong workflows in and the way that we ended up doing that is with an online organizational tool called Trello. It’s a free tool that I absolutely love, I could not speak enough good things about it. It’s essentially like an online post it notes system, which is perfect for me, because I use posted notes all over my desk before I found Trello. So in my resource in the bundle, I shared all about how we use Trello to organize our outsourcing. But you could also use it for any other area of your business as well. And I just really, really enjoyed being a part of the bundle because we got so much positive feedback from people who really learned and got something from the content. And not just photographers but also people in other areas of small business. And that was just so fun to see Dolly’s bundle was organized in a way that I cannot even describe. And that makes sense since she’s the systems and workflow queen. But it just was so well organized. It was so great and easy as a contributor. And I think also as somebody to sign up for it, which I also did, because there’s so many good resources. And I just cannot say enough good things about being a part of this with Dolly, because of the way that she structures and organizes and makes things easy for everyone around her in every part of her business. So I was grateful to be a part of it. I hope you join in on the next round if you didn’t get a chance to this time. And I would love to see you around Instagram at Jill GM photography, or somewhere around my website at Dell Have a great day guys.

Unknown Speaker
Hey everyone, I’m Kinder Courtney and I was one of the contributors to the systems and workflow magic bundle. And as we’ll talk a little bit about my experience with it dolly approached me because we are both in systems, we actually both photographers. And she asked me if I would like to contribute something. And I’ve never been in a bundle like this before. I’ve been offered one before, but I’ve never been able to just with other commitments and timeframes. So it was great to be able to actually be in one for the first time. And she approached me and asked me if I can do something to do with systems. And I am a dubsado and workflow specialist, I am certified by the solder. And I’ve basically worked with solder for the past five years. But I know the audience’s who would come across a spangled don’t all used up solder. So what I contributed was a very basic training on leading client management 101. Just because I know that client management and client systems are something that often overlooked. And just having something very easy to get into just an entry level is what a lot of business owners need. So I offered a mini course on that, and a few of you picked it up about I think 600 of you, which basically doubled my list, she was absolutely amazing. I didn’t expect that when I was putting it together, I was like, oh, a few people would would only want one this course. But so many of you signed up and once my course. So like I said, my list almost doubled, which is not what I expected at all. So awesome way to market, my business. And I’m really excited to see if any new leads or marketing that comes through that. So thank you, Dolly, thank you for putting this together. And I’m looking forward to doing this with you again, when you ran it again, because I hope you are because you did an amazing job. And yeah, I’m just gonna end up by saying that if you are patient about joining a bundle signing up for a bundle, definitely do it because the amount of value you get for it is so great in terms of whether you are included in the bundle in terms of offering something or even just getting the products because those are normally really valuable products in those kinds of bangles. So I want to say that and also that you can find me on Instagram at Kinder coffee CO and my website is Kinder Thank you.

Dolly DeLong
So again, I hope this was a great episode for you. And I think it’s a great way to end our lead magnet series. I hope you have gained even more insight on how to take baby steps in growing your email list and how to take baby steps and implement systems and workflows in lead magnets. And just like looking at new ways to nurture and grow your email list. Be sure to check out my mini-course the lead magnet mini-course and use code podcast all one word for 20% off the course to learn the essentials of lead magnets, how to create one, why they are important, how to optimize them and so much more. Until then I will see you all next week help you continue to find the magic and joy in automating your business with systems and workflows. Bye. Thank you so much for listening to the systems and workflow magic podcast. You can find full show notes from today’s episode at dolly DeLong forward slash podcast. If you’re loving the podcast, I’d be so honored if you’d subscribe and leave a review on your favorite podcast player. Be sure to screenshot this episode, share it to your stories and tag me at dolly DeLong education over on Instagram. Until next time, go make some strategic workflow magic.

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