How to do a business midyear review as a solopreneur | My Midyear Review | Nashville Branding Photographer & Business Systems Educator Dolly DeLong Photography

How to do a business midyear review as a Solopreneur

How to do a business midyear review as a solopreneur

Business owners who may be solopreneurs, don’t forget to continue to show up and continue to press on to serve your clients despite the circumstances of 2020. I know there are many of you who have created amazing goals to accomplish this year…and you may have lost momentum due to this year’s DRAINING circumstances. But you still have the rest of this year to refocus and reframe for an incredible year! Read on for encouragement and insight on how to do your own mid-year reviews!

I wanted to take this time to share some insights of my highs and lows from this year (business-wise) so that maybe, perhaps, it could be an encouragement to other new business owners who are figuring out how to navigate the waters of owning their own business! I have broken down this post by sharing: 5 of my most popular blog posts according to Google Analytics, The things which worked for my business for 2020, Things which I am still growing in, and goals I want to continue to pursue in 2020. I hope this is an encouragement to you in your business as well! 

According to Google Analytics My 5 most popular business-related blog posts of 2020 have been the following: 

    1. An interview featuring Vanessa Kynes
    2. How to Harness The Power of Pinterest  (where I shared my own Pinterest growth and how I used that free social media tool to grow my own business!)
    3. Now this isn’t a blog post, but this has been a highly visited business-related resource for all business owners: BUSINESS TOOLS
    4. Search Engine Optimization featuring Digital Grace Design (HERE)
    5. And finally, how to create & grow social media content (HERE)

Things That Have Worked 

  1. Growing my small business and its presence using Pinterest
  2. Growing my SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by blogging consistently
  3. Continued education to learn how to best market my business
  4. Serving New Business Owners With Educational & Encouraging Content On A Weekly Basis (showing up consistently regardless of how I “feel”, I made it a goal at the beginning of the year to SHOW UP!)
  5. Learning from others who have gone before me (Elizabeth McCravy, Brands That Book Podcast, Amy Porterfield, The Legal Paige, The Joy To Lead Podcast, Anything by Russell Brunson, The Mind Your Business Podcast, Turn Your Followers Into Clients, The Goal Digger Podcast, Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner) (so many to name but here are some examples who have helped me out in so many ways)

Things Which I Still Am Learning (& Currently Struggle With In My Business)

  1. Having a presence on Youtube is SO hard you all. SO HARD. I am not a videographer and I am not strong in front of the camera (I am incredibly camera shy and extremely aware of how awful my voice is and pretty insecure about it) but I am REALLY wanting to share more content via video form. I even started a Youtube channel, but I haven’t been consistent like I had planned to be (my original plan was to post ONE new video a week, and I’ve only posted maybe 6…all because I am afraid of how awful I look and how awful I sound).
  2. Really anything VIDEO related is hard (I really want to have a consistent IGTV and Youtube presence), but showing up is hard & draining for me (and I get so caught up in dealing with insecurities about how I look because I would rather just post something in written format versus real-time).
  3. I am STILL learning that good things take TIME. I, of all people, should know this. But in this age of instant gratification and social comparison, I fall prey to the game of thinking I’m not good enough. It is a real struggle, but I am pushing through it.

Things I Will Continue To Work On + Goals For The Rest Of 2020

  1. Showing up on video (I am going to have to rethink a realistic content strategy plan which involves being on video at least TWO times a month-not once a week) AND I want to continue to share content from my blog to my videos so I can reach more audience members and encourage other new business owners.
  2. Continuing to build my Dolly DeLong Education group on Facebook (Free Group for New Business Owners). I started this group halfway through January of 2020 to June of 2020, and it has been a valuable resource for other new business owners. I have been hosting FB Lives every OTHER week (so twice a month) where I host interviews, share foundational information for new business owners, and overall just encourage others to continue to push on as they pursue their business dreams!
  3. Mastermind: you all, I joined a mastermind and get to learn and grow with some pretty amazing humans (some of these humans I have been looking up to for years and years) so it’s pretty neat to get to work alongside them and be challenged with them! It’s truly an incredible experience, and I am very fortunate that I was given this opportunity! (I am hoping that by the end of 2020 I gain more insight on how to improve my own business after learning alongside these other talented business owners)
  4. Learn how to truly slow down and give myself grace. My husband and I have been attempting to take ONE day a week off every week (usually it is Sunday’s) to unplug and unwind from the world and concentrate on just our little family unit. This seems so great on the surface level, but it is truly one of the biggest challenges for me as a small business owner who constantly wants to work and constantly wants to improve on all aspects of my business (at all hours of the day). I have had many hard conversations with my sweet husband about this, and thankfully he has extended so much grace and patience to me as I have learned how to put my computer away and learned how to lean into enjoying one full day without any distractions (it still is so hard for me…but I value my family time and I want to honor these blessings in my life).

My most popular business resources + freebies

How I have Turned Impressions Into Leads By Using The Power of Pinterest (Free PDF)

Turn Impressions on Pinterest Into Leads with my free step by step guide PDF by Dolly DeLong

How To Optimize Your Blog For Best SEO Results (Free PDF) 

How to optimize your blog for best search engine optimization results by Nashville Branding Photographer Dolly DeLong Photography




So as I wrap up this blog post let me ask you a question: Do you have any personal (or business) related goals you are still working on for 2020? I know we were all forced to slow down to the COVID-19 crisis *but honestly, I did not let a quarantine slow me down, as a matter of fact, it motivated me to put my head down and continue to create content to share with everyone because I still wanted to show up as a way to encourage others*.  Yes, it was hard (and continues to be hard) but I want to show up and I want to be consistent in being both a source of encouragement and help for other soloprenuers as they journey alongside me.

Even if it is halfway through the year you still have time to dream and create some goals for yourself. You do not have to wait for January 2021 to roll around to create a list of goals, why not write out 3 things you want to accomplish THIS month and start focusing on those things now? OR, if 3 seems like an impossible number, just write out ONE thing you would LOVE to accomplish this year for either your small business or side business!

SO…What is stopping you? 

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How to do a business midyear review as a solopreneur. by Nashville Branding Photographer Dolly DeLong

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