How To Create A Contact Page That Wows And How To Have A Contact Page That Actually Converts

Why You Should Have A Contact Page That Converts

When it comes to website traffic, one of the most heavily visited areas on your website is the Contact Page.  This is literally the beginning stages of the “getting-to-know-you” phase and if this page is not set up correctly, it can have a negative domino effect on the other stages of your workflow processes. In this blog post, I am going to be sharing some key elements of what makes an incredible contact page that not only is effective in communicating what you do but one that WOWS your visitors!

HOW TO WOW YOUR WEBSITE VISITORS with your contact form

(*Disclaimer: I do want to preface and say, that this is ONE puzzle piece to creating a workflow process that will WORK in your favor. As a small business owner, you need to look at ALL the pieces of your own business and tweak each moving part to better work with your own processes and in this blog post we are only looking at ONE part of a workflow which is The Contact Page)

Small business owners should know this already, but having a contact page on your website is not only a foundational piece to your website, but it is one of the first “hellos” to your potential lead. Here is a great article on 8 reasons why you need a contact form on your website.  But what I am going to be talking about today involves the elements of creating a contact page + the magic of the follow-through (which is what makes a contact form that WOWS)!

Special note: please do NOT set up your contact form as a questionnaire form. There are many reasons for this but two reasons are: this is your prospective client’s FIRST time visiting your website and you don’t want to overwhelm them because they will quickly lose interest with the overwhelm and two: you want to make sure that everything is succinct in order to create a good mobile-friendly experience (many of your visitors may be visiting on their smart-phones so you’ve got to make sure the contact form is mobile-friendly otherwise there will be a big drop-off rate and not a conversion rate of filling out your form).

The Structure and Elements of the Contact Form are as follows

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • What Service They Are Interested
    1. This is where you can attach your workflows to each dropdown item
    2. This is where you need to be strategic on what workflows are attached to what menu item (this part takes the longest, but when you carve out time to do this, this element alone will save you time in the LONG run because it can be automated).
  • Where They Found You
    1. This is important so you know where your traffic is coming in from
    2. A step further would be to attach it to the “project source” tab in your CRM tool (like Dubsado) so that your CRM can help divide up the sources of traffic to give you a specific percentage
  • Any other questions or comments section
    1. This is completely optional, but this is another good way to help you get to know the client more so when you reach back out to them you have more of a foundational understanding of why they want to work with you, and that way you can personalize your message when you respond back to them!
  • Extra visual steps
    1. This is something I have loved implementing recently, but I actually use templates from BossProject to create visually appealing contact forms on my website that go with the branding of my own business!

And once a visitor hits “submit” on the form, the REAL Magic happens in the follow-through (remember that WOW factor I keep referring to? Well, it’s in the follow-through)

Again, these are all the elements listed out for you, but if you click on this link here (or on the image below) it will take you into a deeper dive into a FREE video training I have created to show you all the elements in-depth, plus the follow through methods I use with the initial stages of my contact form process because again the factor that WOWS clients isn’t the elements of the contact page, it’s the FOLLOW through!


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The fact of the matter is, it’s not only the elements of what you put on your actual website that will make a contact page that WOWS, it’s the follow-through method and being intentional about what types of workflows you are going to attach to your contact page. All these elements combined make for an incredible experience for your first-time visitor and the goal is not only to WOW visually but to WOW a visitor to convert into a client!

I hope this inspires you to look at the elements of your own contact page, and I hope you will take advantage of the FREE video training where I break down all the processes of what makes a magical contact form experience! Seriously, if you carve out time this week you can have your own processes set up based on this video training and have a better automated & systemized experience for your own visitors! What are you waiting for?

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