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October 12, 2020

Pinterest Workflows For Small Business Owners | Nashville Branding Photographer Dolly DeLong Photography

Pinterest will always be one of my most favorite platforms to grow my small business and in this blog post, I am going to walk you through an example of how I use my T.A.S.K. framework to better automate and systemize my Pinterest workflow!

Pinterest Workflow Tips For Small Business Owners by Nashville Branding Photographer and Small Business Systems Educator Dolly DeLong

Here are my top 4 steps within my Pinterest workflow and how I use my T.A.S.K. framework to help guide my workflow decisions when it comes to Pinterest strategy.

1. Think through strategies of how you will use Pinterest

(This is the T of T.A.S.K. = Thinking)  

This is one of the first steps I take for my Pinterest workflow because I want to be strategic in where people will go after clicking on my Pins. Some people just redirect viewers to their blogs, which is totally fine, but if you are brand new to Pinterest a very strategic thing to map out is the final destination for the viewer (where do you want this viewer to end up? Hopefully on your website-but are there any specific landing pages you’d like to feature?)

So I always start with the final destination in mind and with the viewer’s journey in mind.

2. The Actions and Automations You’ll Need To Consider with Pinterest

(The “A” of T.A.S.K. = Automations)

Now I don’t know about you, but I certainly cannot live by my computer (although at times, it sometimes ‘seems’ like I am glued to my computer, I do have a life to live) so I love automation tools to help me automate certain aspects of my business. When it comes to Pinterest, I love using Tailwind to automate my pins to not only save me time, but the A.I. of Tailwind automates my pins to be scheduled for the best optimized times.

Another great thing about Tailwind is that it automates my Instagram for my small business (but we are here for Pinterest…but I had to point out that Tailwind is multifaceted in helping you achieve automation in other areas of your business too!)

When I am looking at my framework of T.A.S.K. for different aspects of my business, I try to ask myself how I can better automate certain parts of my business in order to either make my life a little bit easier and to also free up more time to concentrate on other areas of my business.  When I hold up the Automation piece of the T.A.S.K. framework to Pinterest, Tailwind has helped solve this problem for me 100%!

(“A” of T.A.S.K. = Actions) 

Here are some tangible ways I take actions when I think through my strategies of Pinterest (note: it affects different areas of my business-like blogging)

This is the research phase of my workflow where I actually search for keywords and key phrases that new business owners are looking up when they are trying to find a specific answer. This is also the hardest part because I have so many ideas myself, but I want to provide value and be as clear as possible so it will not be scattered and confusing for the customer.

This is the part where I also blog and I optimize my blog not only with pins but I make sure to optimize everything according to my Yoast Plugin within WordPress.  I also have many clear calls to actions scattered throughout my blog because I want readers to know who I am and how to get in contact with me.

3. Think through the systems you are wanting to attach to your Pins on Pinterest

(Now we are going to cover one of the aspects of the “S” of T.A.S.K. which is “systems”)

When I say “systems” I am really talking about your workflows. So a tangible example is this= let’s say you are a health and mindfulness coach, and you have a pin you uploaded to Pinterest and the goal of that pin is to lead to a LEAD Magnet (aka a FREE download) on 5 ways you can control your cravings during the holiday season. Well, what if the customer journey was not only to lead them to your lead magnet but also to get their email address so that they can be entered into a specific nurture sequence of emails that helped them get to know your business more? Thus, you have got to think through your systems you are attaching to your pins and how strategic they can be not only in the short run but in the long run as well.

4. Create valuable content which will help your ideal customer

(“K” of T.A.S.K. = Knowledge) 

Finally, will ANY of this content you are creating and sharing on Pinterest, will your ideal client gain any KNOWLEDGE from this information you are sharing, OR will it leave them feeling even more confused or scattered?

The whole point of utilizing Pinterest for your small business is to drive traffic to your brand and to build brand awareness over time. And one of the ways you do this is by sharing valuable content (valuable knowledge) that will help build more of a know-like-and trust factor with your audience.


I hope this blog gave a more in-depth look at my own Pinterest strategy and how I use my T.A.S.K. frame-work to better optimize my business.  Now, if Pinterest feels overwhelming and new to you and if you are looking for ways to integrate Pinterest into your small business, I would love to direct your attention to a mini-course I have created with the small business owner in mind. It’s called “The Pinterest Foundations Mini-Course” (I know, so original) but it helps you have a GREAT foundational understanding of Pinterest AND it teaches you how to best set up systems of strategy & workflow success using this platform!

A great way to access this NEW mini-course is by clicking HERE so that you can download a FREE step-by-step PDF to read alongside it and-if you are a savvy business owner, you should DEF take advantage of the first 15 minutes because you MAY snag an amazing deal before the price jumps back up to $77 (just sayin’)!

Thanks again for reading, and I hope you can continue to build systems of success for your small business so that you can go from scattered to more streamlined in your business and ultimately in your life!

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Pinterest Workflow Tips For Small Business Owners by Nashville Branding Photographer and Small Business Systems Educator Dolly DeLong

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