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August 19, 2020

Summer Family Photos at The Nashville Ellington Agricultural Center | Nashville Family Photographer Dolly DeLong Photography

Summer family portraits at the Nashville Ellington Agricultural Center featuring the Mullins family.

toddler boy walking in the park at the nashville agricultural center by nashville family photographer dolly delong

Earlier this summer I got to work with the sweet Mullins family and I wanted to not only share some of my favorite portraits, but I also wanted to share some of Reggie and Caroline’s favorite moments about what they have learned and experienced by parenting a 1-year-old. Parenting is such a gift (I know it can have its challenges) but it is truly a gift from God and whenever I get to work with families it truly is a joy getting to learn from them and their experiences! I hope this post encourages you as a parent to continue to enjoy all these fun (and exhausting) stages you get to experience with your little one!

What is your favorite thing about your child at this current stage? 

Our favorite thing about Micah is his larger than life personality. He loves to get a laugh or make us proud. He definitely knows how to use his charm. He is such a sweet boy!

Micah loves to be outside.

We love to go for walks. We will watch movies together and dance. We also love to watch the Tennessee Vols!

We both work from home, so when work is done its family time. We eat dinner together and play together every evening.

Reggie and I can’t wait to take Micah to Disney World. We’d probably do that for a week and then head to the beach. Micah would probably just be happy to leave the house!

Micah LOVES to be cheered for no matter how minor. Whether it’s putting the basketball in his Little Tikes hoop or putting his sippy cup in the cup holder on his high chair tray. You had best watch and you better cheer. Once the cheering starts he must celebrate too. Our favorite is when he runs with excitement. He will throw his arms behind him stick straight. We have no idea where he learned it but he looks like a soccer player who just made a goal. It’s hilarious. He is proud and we are too.

Sesame Street.

Micah has taught us to slow down and appreciate the joy of simple things.

I love watching him learn and how quickly he picks things up.

Give your self some grace. We are all learning!

You are so flexible and understanding. When Micah was done, you completely understood. Even though it had only been 30 minutes you were able to get some incredible shots!


Thank you again Mullins family for working with me and thank you so much for sharing so much of your wisdom and joy of what you have learned so far about Parenthood!

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Summer Family Photos and 1 year milestone photos at The Nashville Ellington Agricultural Center

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