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Email Marketing Just Got A whole lot easier with Flodesk!

Remember when we talked all about how important it is to build a list of email subscribers? Well, today I’m spilling all the juicy details about how I optimize my email list with Flodesk

Flodesk is an email service provider, like Mailchimp or ConvertKit. But unlike other email service providers, Flodesk offers customization and specialization. I think you’ll see why I’m in love with this service.


Flodesk is built to be visually appealing. They make it easy to use your brand colors and logo to create branded emails that are consistent. You take a few minutes to set up your branding settings, and Flodesk creates beautifully branded forms and emails for you! For all of us who aren’t necessarily designers, Flodesk makes custom emails and forms that are professional and pretty. You can create gorgeous forms to embed on your website to collect email addresses and promote your lead magnets


My absolute favorite part of Flodesk is that they give me an unlimited number of audience segments! With Mailchimp, you have to pay for every audience you add. Flodesk not only lets you add unlimited segments, but they make it super easy to keep track of who is in which audience. I embed my beautiful, Flodesk-created forms on my website, and then when someone signs up for a specific lead magnet, they are automatically added to their unique audience. So someone who signs up through my family form is added to my family audience and someone who signs up through my small business owner form is added to that audience. This is so helpful! I can keep my email open and click rates high because I send unique, highly customized information to my audience segments. And Flodesk makes the entire process seamless and easy! If you serve several specific audiences (like I do!), Flodesk is worth the investment. Bonus: as your list grows, you’ll never have to pay for additional audiences or subscribers. They’re both unlimited! In addition to the awesome customization and specialization options, Flodesk has incredible customer service. They are a newer company and they serve their clients well. You can contact them through Facebook, Instagram, or email, and they are super responsive!  If you’re new to the email list-building game, I recommend that you do your homework and even test out a few email providers to see what makes the most sense for you. But if you run a creative small business, I feel confident that Flodesk is your best email service provider option! Click here to see for yourself! (If you use my link, you’ll receive 50% off your subscription!) 


Finally, Flodesk makes it super easy for me to hone in on my email marketing growth (because as a small business owner, I need to focus in on growing my list because I have zero control over social media). How do they do this? Through their amazing customer support given through their Facebook group (where they stay active) and they give monthly training, they give feedback and they are a super-engaged community. I know that if I ever run into a question about how to use a specific feature with Flodesk, I can immediately go into the Facebook group and my questions will be answered in a timely (and kind) manner. Because of this, my growth has been more confident because I know what I am doing and I have a company that WANTS to see me grow my business (and email list)!

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