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Unique Wedding Dress Alternatives and Best Bridal Portrait Times (Wedding Planning Tips)

unique wedding dress ideas + best bridal portrait times

(I also wanted to feature this dress to show a bride looking for a creative (and still romantic) type of dress to wear for a wedding (just for the brides who are thinking outside of the box when it comes to a “traditional wedding dress”). This would be a fun dress to feature at your wedding! Just a thought!

So I have been eyeing the Stardust Couture Dress for several months now and when the opportunity came to photograph two gorgeous models in this dress, I immediately booked Kathryn Coursey to be the hair and makeup artist for this session, and we photographed two back to back sessions to feature Stardust in two different types of lighting: evening & morning.

Stardust Sunset Portraits | Unique Sunset Bridal Portrait Ideas

Sunset Portraits with sweet Daysha took place between the hours of 5:45 pm to 6:45 pm in Nolensville, TN in an abandoned church lot because that is where the best sunset light was coming from at that time of day (Originally I was going to photograph this session at Ravenswood Mansion but because of Nashville traffic, we were cutting it close to the actual sunset and we were losing great golden hour lighting, so we actually randomly found this abandoned lot and just took some fun portraits). Daysha is a trained dancer so the movement she evoked in the dress made for some pretty dramatic and gorgeous shots. I literally squealed after every.single.picture was taken! Plus, what made this shoot even more special was the fact that I have known Daysha since she was a newborn baby (like no joke, I am old). Also, at the end of the session, Daysha totally rocked eating some McDonald’s french fries for the shoot….which I think McDonald’s needs to sponsor Daysha now for something! Here are some of my favorites from Daysha’s session. Oh my goodness, can someone just hire her to be a model already!


Stardust Sunrise Portraits | Early Morning Bridal Portraits

These sunrise portraits were taken between the hours of 5:25 AM to 6:15 AM with sweet Cassidy featuring the Stardust dress in the early twilight hours in Nashville. One of my favorite shots from this session featured the moon in the background and the cotton candy twilight skies slowly turning into the morning. Oh gosh, this session was incredibly dreamy and fun! I also think someone needs to hire Cassidy to be a model as well because she has such a kind and lovely spirit! Here are several of my favorites from her sunrise session!

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unique wedding dress ideas + best bridal portrait times

As always, thank you so much for keeping up with my photography adventures! I love serving you all through photography and I especially love getting to be creative in the field of portrait photography! 

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