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Dolly DeLong Photography LLC: Team Headshots for Southern Legacy Homes (A Nashville, TN Business)

Wanted to share a few of my favorite team + individual portraits (headshots) from Southern Legacy Homes session with Dolly DeLong Photography LLC. Also, this team is the real deal you all! They are so much fun and hilarious and they work well as a team. You can tell they all respect each other and that is important ESP if you are working with a team of realtors + professionals to help you in the home buying process! Check out their website here: SOUTHERN LEGACY HOMES If you are interested in getting some professional headshots for either your company OR for your own business, please reach out to me by either filling out the CONTACT ME form or by emailing me at: thedollydelong@gmail.com. I am taking new clients starting in February of 2019 so please let me know if you would like to set up a consultation soon!  Have a great day!

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