Dolly DeLong Photography LLC: Schond Family Photos (The Factory in Franklin)

Earlier in April, I had the opportunity of catching up with an older co-worker from my Gardner School Days, Sarah Schond, AND her two fun kids! When I first moved to Nashville in 2007, I came to Music City originally for a Master’s degree, so during the day I worked at a private pre-school and in the evening I went to my night classes. I made several co-worker friends at TGS, many of whom I am still connected with (thanks to social media) and Sarah is one of those co-workers who made work very fun for me. I know that before she left TGS, Sarah and her husband were trying to have kids so now catching up almost 10 years later it is great to see her blessed with two beautiful children (who have the funniest personalities)!  For the past several years Sarah and her family have been living in upstate New York so over Easter weekend (2018) they drove through Nashville for a family trip (and that is how I had the chance of capturing some milestone photos of her children)! Even though we originally planned to meet outside, we had to meet in Franklin (the Factory in Franklin) since it was cold and rainy outside. Nonetheless, we had a blast in the Factory AND we took advantage of eating some delicious Five Daughters Donuts at the end of the session! Sarah, thank you again for reaching out to Dolly DeLong Photography for your family photos! Your kids are precious and sweet!


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