TheDollyDeLong: 1 Year Anniversary Trip (Observed) (Asheville, NC)

(I should really state that this was our 1 year anniversary observed since our actual anniversary was June 18th, and we had to wait over 4 months to take this trip! LOL!) 

Day 1: We drove into Asheville around 3pm, so we checked into our AirBNB and decided to find a local coffee shop (Beehive Coffee Bar) before going to eat dinner (Chai Pani). After dinner, it was dark outside so instead of wandering around, we decided to watch the “Lego Ninjago Movie” which I highly recommend! The first night in our tiny house, I found out the hard way that tiny houses are not as cool as HGTV makes them look…Ty and I ended up sleeping on opposite ends of the house for space reasons (he pretty much took the top bunk and the only room for me was at the lower level of the house, PLUS, I couldn’t get myself up into the rafters where Ty slept b/c of how low the ceiling was & because I kept on cramping every time I climbed that stupid ladder)  (So in other words…Ty and I were basically roommates for our 1 year anniversary trip….How romantic….)!!!!!!!


Day 2:  It was beautiful outside and it was nice to start the day off reading with Ty. Ty had bought us tickets to see The Biltmore Estate, and I’m so happy he bought us tickets for Wednesday, otherwise it would have been packed to go on a Friday or a Saturday. Our tickets also included two vouchers to eat at The Stable Cafe (which I recommend getting the Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwich). We ended up staying at the Biltmore until almost 5:30 pm (we didn’t realize it would be an all-day event, but there is seriously SO much to do there!)


Day 3: This was the day I was most looking forward to because we went hiking at DuPont State Forest and went on a 3-4 hour hike which covered several highlights: Bridal Veil Falls, Triple Falls (where the Hunger Games was filmed), The Covered Bridge, and other really gorgeous areas! I have been dying to go on a moderate hike for several hours for MONTHS (not even kidding) and because of my new job, and the gross humidity outside this summer, I waited until this anniversary trip to ask Ty if I could selfishly just enjoy a good hike (BONUS: I also listened to an audiobook while just walking and enjoying nature…two things rolled into one which this introvert LOVED)!

In the evening we went to White Duck Taco Shop for dinner (which Ty loved, but I didn’t like it as much), and for dessert, we went to French Broad Chocolates


Day 4: In the morning we were greeted by one of the Llamas before we headed out to “Hole Donuts” (and yes, you must go there if you are a human who loves donuts). After stuffing our faces with donuts, we found a highly rated apple pickin’ farm (Grandad’s Farm) and we ended up staying there several hours to eat all the apple-themed desserts (apple cider donuts, apple cider slushies, apple cider oatmeal cookies, fried apple pie, etc.) and to also get lost in a very complicated corn maze. After our morning of sugar-carb loading, we crashed at our tiny house for the afternoon and in the early evening we went out to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway  (America’s Favorite Drive) to see the more beautiful scenery of Asheville. Since neither of us had real food to eat all day (yes, all we had eaten were either apple desserts OR donuts, we were STARVING) we found this hole-in-the-wall pizzeria called “Fahrenheit Pizza” and it was absolutely amazing! At the end of our day, I wanted to watch “Madea Goes to Jail” since it was Friday the 13th (and I didn’t feel like watching a scary movie, so I decided on a Tyler Perry Movie, and that was an excellent choice because it made my serious husband laugh NONSTOP)!

Loved this trip spent with Ty! I highly recommend going to Asheville, NC (ESP in the Fall), and I highly recommend NOT staying in a Tiny House (ESP if you actually love and like your spouse and you want to sleep next to them)! Thanks for reading! 


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